Aitkenvale Auto & Dyno :- the trusted name for performance upgrades to the late model Ford 6 cylinder & V8 range, is THE ONLY dyno shop in Townsville that has both the software & the most extensive experience to custom tune HERROD/SCT flash boxes to suit your own vehicle, in this climate, with the fuel of your choice. Whether it is N/A 6 or V8, Turbo'd 6 or V8, Supercharged 6 or V8, stock or modified camshafts, we can tune them, & with varying injector sizes to suit the application (one size does not fit all). You will receive all dyno printouts with an explanation of them, & a detailed invoice. We have been doing it the longest & our reputation speaks for itself.

Holden enthusiasts are looked after with upgrades such as VCM-Suite tuning & performance packages, SCT Flash tuning, supercharger & turbocharger kits, engine building etc. Being an “Authorised Mobil1 Signature Service Centre” with experience on many makes & models, we can perform general & log book servicing, all mechanical repairs, Safety & Modification Certificate inspections. If we can’t do it in house, we can organise it.

Turbo Diesels, whether in 2wd's or 4wd's also respond very well to performance upgrades including exhaust systems, air intakes & tuning modules. You'd be surprised the gains we continue to achieve with our upgrades, so if you think your 4x4 needs a bit more, just ask us what we can do for you. 

While we are talking 4wd's, if you need some more ground clearance or load carrying capacity, we can fit you up with some Dobinsons components, made down in Rockhampton at their factory, & because they actually make them there, if you have special needs, they can custom make the components for you.

And what vehicle brand is possibly the most synonomous with off roading -  why Jeep of course! We have access to Jeep upgrades from Murchison Components covering driveline, suspension, underbody & body protection etc. Whether you want to take your Jeep off road, or just want to stand out from the crowd (& isn't that crowd growing in Townsville?), we can help you.  

We also offer a trade discount to other workshops or individual mechanics wishing to use our services, whether it's a Falcon or Commodore upgrade package, a VCM or SCT flash tune, or diagnostics on our dyno.

And for our  local active Defence Forces personnel, we offer a discount on many of our services including performance work.  Ask at reception or when phoning/emailing an enquiry or booking.  


We can offer finance through a respected local broker for amounts between $5,000 & $45,000 for those who want their "jollys" NOW & not later. Contact us for further details, & start thinking up some good excuses for "the other half". The first one could be " but a supercharger will make the car safer for overtaking honey". Your turn....... 

                                                                               OH YEAH

** Keep an eye on our Specials page in the Upgrades menu. You never known what we may offer! **