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When it comes to expert car tuning, it pays to deal with a team that has the experience and facilities to do the job right. Here at Aitkenvale Auto and Dyno, we have a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of vehicle performance enhancements and upgrades. From flash tuning & ecu reprogramming to fuel & boost tuning on older Landcruisers & Patrols, we are masters at our art.

Our team has the ability to diagnose & address performance related issues across a wide spectrum of vehicles, whether petrol or diesel, forced induction or naturally aspirated, modified or stock. We believe these skills are as important as being able to tune on the dyno. 


Our performance and car tuning services

  • We are a HERROD/SCT Flash Tuner dealer/tuner, and the only dyno shop in Townsville with the software and experience to perform a quality custom tune on your Falcon
  • We are a dealer for Unichip diesel performance modules
  • We can performance tune fuel and boost on mechanically injected diesel Land Cruisers and Patrols
  • We tune Holley, Weber, CD and SU carburettors
  • We can perform VCM-Suite or SCT flash tune, and MAF-less tuning of Holden/Chevy, Gen 3 and 4 equipped vehicles, and install performance upgrade packages to suit.
  • We can custom dyno tune six-cylinder Alloytech engines, VZ and VE Commodores, and SIDI VE Commodores

SCT Flash Tuning

Aitkenvale Auto and Dyno does not recommend generic tunes for the North Queensland climate, or with the regions differing fuel qualities. We dyno-tune our customers' vehicles individually and carefully and load the final tune into the new X-Cal 4 device for flashing into the vehicle's PCM. For example, with a turbo Falcon, you can gain up to an extra 40 -50kw and 150 - 200nm at the wheels, giving better throttle response and auto shifting, and even improved fuel economy if driven accordingly.

The N/A V8s and I6s usually gain 15 - 25kw, and 50 - 100nm at the wheels. Midrange torque improvement is quite noticeable on the road, as is improved fuel economy with the N/A vehicles.


Some of the parameters we can edit include:

  • Diff ratio change
  • Transmission gear selection firmness (individual gears and previously only on four-speed autos, but now available for six-speed ZF transmissions too)
  • Rev limit
  • Turbo boost level
  • Idle speed
  • Injector sizing
  • Fuel
  • Spark settings

The cost will vary depending on the method of tuning & the vehicle’s modifications. We sometimes have specials for a limited time on our facebook page, otherwise just contact us to discuss your needs & we’ll work out a price. You will have peace of mind knowing we warrant our tunes, & our support is unrivalled.

We tune all vehicles while using "Knock Box" detonation sensing equipment.

Vehicles still under factory warranty can be tuned with this system. If the vehicle needs to be returned to the dealer for repairs, etc., the factory tune that is stored in the flash box can be easily flashed back to the vehicle’s PCM beforehand. When the car is returned, in goes the good tune again, and your warranty stays intact.

We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our tuning.

Call the car tuning experts at Aitkenvale Auto and Dyno now on 07 4728 3382.

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